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The Winter Plan

06/08/2020 9:48 AM
Proposed by luciana
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  • luciana 1 0 What about creating a something similar to a Whatsapp group for all important stakeholders, i. e. patient, doctor, social worker can communicate about the plan to transfer older person back home. Something where you could attach files like care plans, etc

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STEP 2: Co-definition

In this step, your input is needed to ensure an effective and realistic solution and to guarantee this we are asking you to choose a ‘hat’ and provide comments from a viewpoint other than your own. Please also vote for the contributions of other members by up or down voting. Your input will help service providers to transform your idea into a long-term care service.

The different hats are:
  • Contribution done as an end-user
  • Contribution done as a relative
  • Contribution done as a professional
  • Contribution done as a service provider
  • Contribution done as a policy maker
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